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Terri Blair, RD
Terri is a registered Dietition with over 15 years of experience. She consults with gyms around the greater Seattle area, and now Friday Harbor. She is the owner founder of Nutrition & Wellness, Inc.
Terri enjoys conveying her messages of health and life/work balances to others, and she offers practical advice that even the busiest people can easily incorporate into their lifestyle.
Joe Camlin
Joe hails from Maryland and is here to work on the island over the summer and brings his wealth of wrestling, Ju Jitsu, and Shotokan Karate-do training to Xtreme Fitness. Joe was taught Jiu Jitsu from UFC referee Mario Yamasaki, and at 13 years old he was ranked second on the east coast by the North American Grapplers Association. He has a long list of wrestling credentials and has even taught clinics at the Naval academy in Annapolis. Training with Joe, we are confident you will learn from his experience and gain many skills as well as an inside understanding of Mixed Martial Arts.
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Strength Training
This class is designed to help you with proper technique and form, and how to utilize the strength/resistance training machines so that you can have greater success at achieving your goals.
Muay Thai Fitness
This class is based on the workout that a Muay Thai fighter goes through while in training. This IS NOT a Muay Thai training class, it is however a high impact, physically challenging class, and is not for the beginning fitness enthusiast. Limited class size, please sign up at the desk for the next available spot.
Xtreme MMA
This class is a combination of Ju Jitsu, Roman Greco wrestling, Shotokan Karate-do, Submission Grappling, and body conditioning. Get in on it now as it will only last through the summer.
Firefighter Core Strengthening Circuit
Burn those Calories away! This class focuses on strengthening the core as it also works on balance, hand & eye coordination, endurance and cardio. This is a fast paced class that is suited for all levels of gym users looking to mix things up a bit in their routine.
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