San Juan Island Is About To Get Healthier!
Xtreme Fitness SJI IS NOW OPEN! Allowing you access to state of the art health and fitness programs and equipment. If you are a beginner or fitness fanatic, you'll find just what you need. We're confident that everything Xtreme Fitness SJI has to offer will help you add strength, drop pounds, and increase your stamina in a health conscious friendly environment.

If you want to workout with free weights or machines, if you like group training or need some "alone time" with a heavy bag, you'll find it at Xtreme Fitness San Juan Island.
New and modern equipment
cardio entertainment space
group fitness
4000 sq.ft. of open floor plan
tons of parking
circuit training
over 5000 lbs. of free weights
affordable membership
relaxation lounge
strike zone
child sitting
espresso & juice bar
off hours unattended secured gym use
and much much more to come
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